Monday, June 14, 2010

White Room Challenge

Hmmm....So what did you think?

I was counting down the minutes to Design Star at 10pm.
So the show starts... woo hoo!
Well, I have to knit pick so I have something to critique with my friend Tami. Her and I can find flaws on a super model's body:)
Anyway the show begins  and the first thing I notice is, holy cow Vern is short. Well I guess I assumed that but, what stylist decides to put to giants in high heels next to him. He needs some of Ryan Secrest's elevator shoes. This is coming from a short girl:)

Ok, so the show begins and off to the first challenge the white room.
I like the idea of the challenge, should be good. 

I have to say I was not overly impressed with the designers. I am surprised this group couldn't think a little more out of the cookie cutter box.
Get to know your teammates style! How hard can that be?  I mean that is what designers do right, they need to know their clients taste. So anyway big old yawnnnnn....

Well my picks must have been the kiss of death as two of my top picks were in the bottom six. Sorry guys:(

Moving on to the big reveal. I have to say I like Tera's design the best. I viewed her bio and designs on HGTV's website and hated them, however she redeemed herself on the show.

My favorite is still Emily, she had a bad week playing it safe but I think she still has a few tricks up her sleeves.
Sometimes being at the bottom is all it takes.


  1. Tesa was my favorite too. We shall see. I liked that older guy's room too, but I think he did over do the Chinese market stuff. I would have spray-painted everything so it didn't look so oriental. Tesa's room was so nice and neat and balanced. I hated Emily. She did make it though, so we will see more. As soon as I saw her outfit, I told Jeff she should go home just for wearing that.

  2. LOL Tami go in a looks at Tera's designs on HGTV site. They are truely horrible over the top decorating. Not sure where she pulled this design out of.