Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The final day's of school

Oh what a month it has been. School is nearing an end and it has been a little crazy. There has been track meets, Bowling, Field Trip's to the zoo, Farmer's Museum and Baseball Games. There has been scouting and YMCA dances. I am sad to see it all come to an end, but we are ready. A year over means my son will move into the 5th grade. Every year it makes me sad but every year brings new joy.

It's time to say goodbye to another wonderful teacher Mrs. Ryan. She was a wonderful fit for L and will be missed.

 A school year ending means running around trying to find something to say thank you. Every year I try to make something personal. K-1 it was a movies of the children, grade 2 it was a photo book, Grade three it was a framed photo. This year it has been hard to find the perfect gift.
Being a 4th grader means less time in the classroom.

So it is simply a gift. Something I'm not sure will remind her of the day's shared with my son, but something she can enjoy with her family. Candle tarts and a warmer, not very personal but something to say I am thankful.

Anyway my gifts are not always perfect but the packaging has to be cute.

So today I started with a dollar store teacher gift bag. How typical I thought...boring. Then out jumped this really cute, what they called a purse. Never would I use it as a purse, it would look a little cheesy for that. But the cutest gift bag it does make.
So add a cute Thank you tin sign, some Martha ribbon and matching tissue. Voila a cute gift bag.

 Now tomorrow I might have a picture of a miserable..."you got to be kidding me mom I have to carry this purse all the way to my classroom", boy.
Fingers crossed he will carry it:)

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  1. Cute! Love the bag and your new blog look! Logo Pogo sure does look annoyed in that picture. LOL~!