Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The final day's of school

Oh what a month it has been. School is nearing an end and it has been a little crazy. There has been track meets, Bowling, Field Trip's to the zoo, Farmer's Museum and Baseball Games. There has been scouting and YMCA dances. I am sad to see it all come to an end, but we are ready. A year over means my son will move into the 5th grade. Every year it makes me sad but every year brings new joy.

It's time to say goodbye to another wonderful teacher Mrs. Ryan. She was a wonderful fit for L and will be missed.

 A school year ending means running around trying to find something to say thank you. Every year I try to make something personal. K-1 it was a movies of the children, grade 2 it was a photo book, Grade three it was a framed photo. This year it has been hard to find the perfect gift.
Being a 4th grader means less time in the classroom.

So it is simply a gift. Something I'm not sure will remind her of the day's shared with my son, but something she can enjoy with her family. Candle tarts and a warmer, not very personal but something to say I am thankful.

Anyway my gifts are not always perfect but the packaging has to be cute.

So today I started with a dollar store teacher gift bag. How typical I thought...boring. Then out jumped this really cute, what they called a purse. Never would I use it as a purse, it would look a little cheesy for that. But the cutest gift bag it does make.
So add a cute Thank you tin sign, some Martha ribbon and matching tissue. Voila a cute gift bag.

 Now tomorrow I might have a picture of a miserable..."you got to be kidding me mom I have to carry this purse all the way to my classroom", boy.
Fingers crossed he will carry it:)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Wishing all the Dad's out there a Happy Father's Day.

May your day be filled with deck sanding and 4-wheeling with your son:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Do you love the beach?

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Since I have become a Mom vacations consist of Disney World and Water Parks. 

Today I will share with you some fun in the sun via my Niece Amber.

Hi Amber and Danny.

 She had a wonderful 3 week vacation in Miami Beach.  Now I have to say I think she is crazy to go to Miami in June but then again it's Miami:)

I just love all the colors of Miami you can't help but feel happy:)

Oh and the real estate...Dream big.

Don't you just love all the detail on the gates.

I wonder who lives here?

More homes on Fisher Island

Ahhh....and a sunset is a perfect ending.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chalkboard Paint Ideas

I bet you have all seen Chalkboard paint in the store and wondered hmmm...what could I do with that? I have bought this paint in the past but I have to say
Krylon paint

is by far the best. It is extra thick. I just finished painting my little mans make shift desk with a few coats. How fun to do homework and doodle on your desk at the same time.

If you are brave enough here are some other fun ideas.

via: Ohdeedoh

This door is going on my honey do list:)

via: gblog

Love this idea for those boring flat core closet doors.

Love this one and the little reminders we could add.
via: Krylon

via: PB Kids

Have fun and don't worry it's not that dusty.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pillow talk...

I have been searching the planet for the perfect pillows for my window seat. My dear friend


made me the perfect pillow out of a vintage tablecloth that my friend Patti traded me for a hot dog (still owe her).

Tami seemed to know exactly what I envisioned. I literally handed her some pom pom ribbon and a tablecloth & she performed her magic. She has a great eye at pairing up fabric and reading minds:) Stop by her blog to see more of her talent.

Oh & the best part is she even made it reversible.

Can't wait to see what she comes up with next. I heard she is making some cute pillows for her deck chairs out of shirts from Walmart.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Country Decorating

Have you ever wanted to totally change your home style into something different? I have been feeling that way for some time now. I have been a primitive country style girl for about 10 plus years now. It seemed to work in my old home as it was a cute little A-frame home in the country.

But now that we have moved to the big city...well not really.

So how do I de-country my home.

Well my first suggestion would be paint. Paint can change the whole room along with your mood.

Before Living room:
Paint: Carton- Dutch boy
Flooring:Virgina Mills Work 3/4 Inch
Hand scraped Old World Oak.
Sofa's & Chairs-JCpenny's
Tin Lights: Moses Willard

I know most would say it looks homey what's the issue.
Well I do agree, I just need a change.
The more I look at blogs and websites. I have fallen in love with many styles. My favorite is a beach cottage coastal feel...but no beach here! I'm drawn to anything Pottery Barn like. I enjoy a mix of modern, vintage, cottage and kitchey. Yup, they all go together...right?

One problem what do I do with all the stuff I have?

Well this month the Hubby and I decided we were going to do the board & batten style molding like everyone is doing.
Hardest part about it is convincing the hubby you are not insane nailing 2x4's to the wall. Let's just say he wasn't totally seeing my vision:) Anyway we didn't really have a clue what we were doing but we dove in head first.
We also decided we were going to build a bench in this weird niche at the end of our room. None of it was very hard just very time consuming (about 2 months). So stay tuned this week I will be giving sneak peeks.

Today's Peek:

Which do you prefer Kitchey or Cottage?

A little Kitchey


A little Cottage

Stop by tomorrow to hear about this vintage inspired pillow:)

Thanks Tami :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

White Room Challenge

Hmmm....So what did you think?

I was counting down the minutes to Design Star at 10pm.
So the show starts... woo hoo!
Well, I have to knit pick so I have something to critique with my friend Tami. Her and I can find flaws on a super model's body:)
Anyway the show begins  and the first thing I notice is, holy cow Vern is short. Well I guess I assumed that but, what stylist decides to put to giants in high heels next to him. He needs some of Ryan Secrest's elevator shoes. This is coming from a short girl:)

Ok, so the show begins and off to the first challenge the white room.
I like the idea of the challenge, should be good. 

I have to say I was not overly impressed with the designers. I am surprised this group couldn't think a little more out of the cookie cutter box.
Get to know your teammates style! How hard can that be?  I mean that is what designers do right, they need to know their clients taste. So anyway big old yawnnnnn....

Well my picks must have been the kiss of death as two of my top picks were in the bottom six. Sorry guys:(

Moving on to the big reveal. I have to say I like Tera's design the best. I viewed her bio and designs on HGTV's website and hated them, however she redeemed herself on the show.

My favorite is still Emily, she had a bad week playing it safe but I think she still has a few tricks up her sleeves.
Sometimes being at the bottom is all it takes.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Design Star tonight...

Are you all ready for Design Star tonight? I wonder what this season has in store for us. Don't miss it 10/9c.

I have a couple favorites.
Meet Emily:

Meet Tom:

Meet Dan:

Well there ya have it my top three!

Bring on the hammer's and duck tape...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shop the house.

A couple months ago my husband and I got the brilliant idea (mainly me) of giving our ten yr old son our master bedroom. I know, I know crazy! Anyway, that sent the decorating motors into overdrive. He loves many things that most 10 yr old boy's do, video games, Pokemon, and Star Wars. The issue is at ten you don't really want to tie into a theme because by 13 your doing it all over again.

So what to do....with a tight budget. Shop the house of course and a few dollars at Walmart. First thing I choose is always the paint color. I know, from a decorating stand point that is suppose to be the last thing you pick. I however never follow directions and having a paint color always inspires me in a direction. The only issue with that is picking a paint color is always the toughest part of the room for me. I can spend weeks picking paint swatches and searching the Internet for others room color inspirations. Well I finally found a paint...or at least I thought I did. I figured I couldn't go wrong with apple green in a boy's room.
After all my son loves green and he did love this green. Doesn't everyone love a green that you have to where sun glasses for so it doesn't burn your eyes from shock. I tried to live with it, it was new and something that I wasn't use to. Well that lasted till the next day. Then I thought I would try a blue I used in my Laundry room. It was the perfect shade of blue, not to baby blue and not to beachy. I would call it a lofty blue, current, and boy like.

 Next I was on the search for bedding. I still wanted that bright apple green and found the perfect quilt at home goods for about 20.00. I had brown pillow shams and added a couple standard bright green pillow shams from Walmart. I turned his bed sideways for a daybed style look.

With the drawers facing forward, he has access to his toy's.

For his wall's I found the perfect solution, why not feature his own artwork. So bright and colorful, love the punch it adds. Now every time I am in his room I smile when I see them. They were all from Kindergarten till now. The best part was they were free.. the frames were from Walmart and only like 4.00each.

I wanted to include a desk for him in his room but it was not in the budget.
So shop the house, didn't have to go far it was already in the room. The old crappy six drawer dresser (I bought about 20 yrs ago) with the ugly gold knobs and fake wood laminate. My husband and son went to work. First then removed all the drawers, then hammered out all the supports and sawed off the bottom front moldings then sanded it (they love demo). Next I took over, first I primed and then put on about 4 coats of black chalkboard paint. It's not perfect but not bad for something that was getting ready for a swift kick to the curb.

  Next, where to put all those books... I bought two basic black bookshelves from Walmart for about 15.00 each. They were the perfect contrast color to the blue walls and also serve as side table to balance the room visually. The cute little baskets on the shelves came from the dollar store they were suggested from my friend

Paint on back wall is Smokey Slate~ Olympic (Lowes)

Other wall art I added were black coat hangers from Lowes (2.95per) and the 123 were the stickers you put on your mailbox (be warned they will peel paint).

I also added some tin numbers I had in another room (from Label Shopper) and some peel and stick letters from Walmart clearance section (they don't peel paint). I laughed because my son said they were swearing! LOL ooops

The swear word...

 The big clock was my splurge from Walmart but worth it. The other half of the room is still a work in progress.

 If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment I will try and answer :)

Click on the photo's for a larger view:)