Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Country Decorating

Have you ever wanted to totally change your home style into something different? I have been feeling that way for some time now. I have been a primitive country style girl for about 10 plus years now. It seemed to work in my old home as it was a cute little A-frame home in the country.

But now that we have moved to the big city...well not really.

So how do I de-country my home.

Well my first suggestion would be paint. Paint can change the whole room along with your mood.

Before Living room:
Paint: Carton- Dutch boy
Flooring:Virgina Mills Work 3/4 Inch
Hand scraped Old World Oak.
Sofa's & Chairs-JCpenny's
Tin Lights: Moses Willard

I know most would say it looks homey what's the issue.
Well I do agree, I just need a change.
The more I look at blogs and websites. I have fallen in love with many styles. My favorite is a beach cottage coastal feel...but no beach here! I'm drawn to anything Pottery Barn like. I enjoy a mix of modern, vintage, cottage and kitchey. Yup, they all go together...right?

One problem what do I do with all the stuff I have?

Well this month the Hubby and I decided we were going to do the board & batten style molding like everyone is doing.
Hardest part about it is convincing the hubby you are not insane nailing 2x4's to the wall. Let's just say he wasn't totally seeing my vision:) Anyway we didn't really have a clue what we were doing but we dove in head first.
We also decided we were going to build a bench in this weird niche at the end of our room. None of it was very hard just very time consuming (about 2 months). So stay tuned this week I will be giving sneak peeks.

Today's Peek:

Which do you prefer Kitchey or Cottage?

A little Kitchey


A little Cottage

Stop by tomorrow to hear about this vintage inspired pillow:)

Thanks Tami :)


  1. 1.Vote Kitchey-Logan
    2. Vote Kitchey- Gabe

  2. The bench looks awesome! Even without a cushion! Without seeing it in the whole room, I can't give you an honest opinion, but I do like them both. I love the way the cottage one is very matchy, but then I know you want to change it up, so the kitchy is cute too.