Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thrifty finds.

The other day, I made a cry for help on my facebook page.

"If anyone has an old set of chairs they are looking to get rid of, please send a pic." Also knowing that no one truly understands the meaning of what I find a treasure, I also said, " If you think they are crappy, I will probably like them."
Well later that day a dear friend of mine sent me a photo via cellphone of some crappy old chairs at a garage sale.

So my hubby and a co-worker rush to the location to find 5 beat up and cracked old chairs for $30.00. My hubby then calls me and says, "You don't want these they are a mess, but I think I can get them for less. " is my thought process. Hmmmm....1. He thinks there crap which means I will probably love them, 2. If they are crap, I can use them in a garden and set plants on them, 3. I can put them curb side and they will be gone in 5 minutes.

So needless to say they are mine, all five of these perfectly imperfect chairs for a mere 15.00!!!

Now my dilemma, to paint or not to paint.

I'm kind of loving the old patina and contrast.

Oh and the yummy vintage tablecloth was given to me from another dear friend:)

Those adorable pillow on the wicker couch were made by my dear friend Tami at:

And my much loved Antique table, was a Mother's Day gift this year from my boy's.
$75.00 Steal!

So this is proof that patience can pay off!

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