Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Do you have a favorite stain?

Well this summer isn't exactly going as planned. No beach vacations, no visiting friends in far away places. What are we doing you ask? Well this summer is the vacation of renovation. We are hoping to get our house on the market for sale this fall.

 So all those unfinished project & new projects are getting crossed off our list.

 So today I ask, do you have a favorite stain?
I do...

I know, I'm a messy stainer.
You think the can looks bad,
you should see my face.

So anyway do you remember this room?

Well that camp room has been missing these.

Freshly stained baseboard trim. It will look much darker and more rustic once installed in the poorly lit camp room.

Now just to install and fix the wall border and I can mark another room off our long never ending list.

Now if you know anyone looking for an almost 3,000 sq ft home send them my way soon:)

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