Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And were off...

 I think a picture holds a thousand words....
And none of those words are very nice:(

Carpet in a bathroom....who thought that was a good idea?
Green carpet no less!

Oh and better yet, glued down carpet padding!

Which means scrapping and breaking out the Shop Vac.
Oh, yeah....and breaking the back too!

Now the tile around the toilet was a breeze, up in 5 minutes flat.

No wonder my husband doesn't ever want to take a day off.

So if you have any ideas please leave a comment and a link:)

All ideas need to be cost effective (wicked cheap.)

We think the tub & surround should go, the toilet has to go, the wall tiles might go, the mirror has to go, the lights have to go, and the sinks and faucets should go, and the plumbing pipes have to go. Oh yes and we will need to choose some kind of flooring...obviously:)

I am thinking Potterbarnish style, board & batten walls with maybe some tin barn lighting.

Any ideas?

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