Monday, February 28, 2011

The big reveal:)

Are you ready? Finally ready? Well were not totally finished here,but what the heck. This past week we had a home appraisal & a birthday party so this is as presentable as it gets.
First on the home tour list,our kitchen. Keep in mind this is not our dream kitchen, but on a very tiny, tiny budget this is the best we can do.
Please forgive the picture quality
 it was a cloudy winter day in a dark room:(

An old ironing cabinet turned into a spice cabinet.

Click on Photo to see details

We are still waiting on the glass inserts in two of our cabinets so the other angle photo will be at a later date.

Now someday we would like to update the appliances, and when we hit the lottery granite would be awesome.
But for now our faux granite (laminate) will do.

I believe some of the best kitchens are done on a dime.
I think you get the most bang for your buck when you start thinking out of the box.
Some of my favorite things in this room are the faux stone arch (they were painted white when we moved in) and the faux would beams (white sheet rock). It always amazes me that they are both the first things people comment on.
When trying to achieve a homey look for less don't forget to search antique shops, garage sales and Craigslist. The hanging scale and wood crate were both antique shop finds years ago.

We also found a new 800.00 cooktop on Craiglist a while back for 200.

Now for my dream list:)

What color would you choose?

County Living

And someday I hope to stumble upon a pedestal table for free:)
Hey, a girl can dream!

And as long as I'm deep in dream land, these would look adorable at my counter.

What color, white, black, or metal?

Thanks for stopping by,
what room would you like to see next?

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  1. SO AMAZING!!!! GREAT job you guys!
    As for your barstool/chair question: I'd choose the regular metal finish and get this table from Ikea:

    Can't wait to see what room you show us next!