Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year New Paint

New Year, new paint. Well at least that is how it works in my house. You may remember a couple month ago I painted my livingroom a green called Dill Weed by: Benjamin Moore. Even though the color was nice, it wasn't me. It did a strange thing at night becoming a loud and crazy in your face kind of green. So I tried to live with it, but it just didn't grow on me. Now there are other things I would much rather do then paint a 13x36 room....Argh!
So needless to say I headed down to Mr. Ben's and picked me up a couple samples. First I thought I would go with this color I kept seeing in Pottery Barn photo's called Manchester Tan and I also picked out a color on a whim called Splendor. It felt warm and cozy and kind of what I was looking for. So home they went. The Manchester ended up feeling very cold. My goal was to warm the room up and still keep it neutral. Splendor ended up being Splendid:)
I choose it in a Matte finish.

I also added a few new touches to the room. The boy's got me these awesome sisal/jute rugs at Lowes for Christmas.
A true bargain of 31.50 each.

Then I added some curtains I had in my bedroom once upon a time. I thought they added a little visual interest to all those walls. The sheers will one day be replaced with bambo blinds.
The cute little plaid pillow on the wicker chair was an Xmas gift as well.

Next I hope to do something with the ugly eye sore of a fireplace.

Stay tuned more project to come.

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